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One of scariest email account related issue is hacking issue. So whenever the users realize that they are going through same phase then they start taking advices from AOL experts.AOL experts assure them that if the users have AOL hacked account then they will provide proper solutions. AOL experts provide so many tips and ideas so that users can able to avoid same problem in later. AOL hacked account

AOL experts always encourage the users to use this email account as they know sometimes, users leave AOL account as they are unable to manage account security. But technicians always want to provide improved services to the users.

AOL customer service team provides quickest password recovery method to solve AOL mail login issue due to hacking activities. Users may require following some suggestions in later too.


But what are the symptoms of facing AOL hacked account?

  • Users will find out some mails in sent items which they did not send at all.
  • Users will find all mails as ‘’read’’ option. In other words, users won’t find out ‘’unread’’ mails.
  • Users inbox become full of ‘’Mailer-Daemon’’ rejection notices for messages which they did not send.
  • Users will find out the contacts will be deleting from their contact book.
  • Users will get alarming notification of accessing their account from different location.
  • Users will be logout from their account whenever they log into their account.
  • Users will failed to login own account completely.

But users won’t have to worry about their AOL hacked account as AOL technicians are providing password recovery method which is discussed below-

  • Firstly, AOL users need to visit AOL authorized website.
  • Then, users will be instructed to select ‘’forget password?
  • Then, users need to visit sign in page.
  • After that, users need to mention their user name or email id on the given space.
  • Then, users are instructed to click on ‘’next’’ option.
  • After that, users need to verify their email account by using alternative email address or phone number or by calling. Though email or sms or calling, users will be notified about a verification code.
  • After that, users need to recreate the password.
  • According to the AOL technicians users need to users need to set password between 8-16 characters and password contain upper and lower case letters. To make a unique password, users need to create a password with numbers .And they need to use at least one symbol like *&£@ .It will increase the strength level of password.

AOL technicians keep saying the users need to follow this method carefully. It will help them to sort out AOL hacked account issue. Users should not hesitate to ask for any help from them.

No one wants hacked account. So if the users are facing AOL hacked account issue or afraid of facing such issues then they should not waste time and contact with AOL technical support team. They take reasonable charges for their services. Technicians are ready to help the users around the clock.

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